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Terrazzo Services

Terrazzo Services include:

  • Terrazzo cleaning
  • Terrazzo polishing
  • Terrazzo restoration
  • Terrazzo repairs
  • Terrazzo maintenance

Terrazzo is often improperly maintained by cleaning services that use sealers to achieve a shine that only lasts a short while. The sealers must be removed completely and replaced as often as every three months so the floors look presentable.

More often than not, the sealers are not completely removed, consequently, with each passing maintenance, the floors end up looking worse. The sealers become yellowed, flake, get scratched and trap dirt, leaving the sparkling specs of marble that make terrazzo pop buried under an ugly mess.


When properly restored and maintained, Terrazzo is one of the best types of flooring to have in restaurants, hotels, retail stores, hotels, hospitals, schools and business environments.

Marbleouss provides expert terrazzo restoration and maintenance services so your floors continue to look beautiful.

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Our Speciality

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  • Re-grouting